• $9 CHIP mini computer

$9 CHIP mini computer (Photo : YouTube)

Next Thing Co. has a new Kickstarter crowdfunding project that has already passed its fundraising goal. The company has been developing a tiny computer named CHIP with an incredible price of $9.

In strict tech terms, CHIP is a "development board," according to Geek. However, it can perform the same tasks that a computer can.  

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The company Next Thing Co. is based in Oakland, California, and has been developing a prototype of the Raspberry Pi motherboard for quite a while. Its cheapest computer CHIP is shipped with a Debian OS, but also runs on the Linux OS. CHIP also includes "dozens" of applications and tools.

The CHIP dirt-cheap computer is equipped with a 1Ghz processor, 512MB of RAM, and 4GB of storage. The mini CPU is more powerful than the Raspberry Pi B+.

The CHIP cheapest computer is also bundled with Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi. Next Thing. Co. is planning to upgrade the Allwinner A13 processor to the Allwinner R8 processor for the micro-computer this month.

Although CHIP is a minicomputer model, it allows users to surf the Web, play basic DOS games, and do programming tasks. It is also already installed with dozens of apps and its users will have access to thousands of free apps, according to Legit Reviews.

There are add-on "shields" users can purchase for various video output configurations on the CHIP mini computer. Next Thing Co.'s VGA shield costs $9, and its HDMI shield is priced at $15.

Users can also convert their CHIP into a handheld PC that looks like a Blackberry. A pocket CHIP has a price tag that is $40 higher.

Next Co. will start shipping CHIP units in May 2016.