• Blake Neely announces on Twitter the progress on the "Supergirl" score.

Blake Neely announces on Twitter the progress on the "Supergirl" score. (Photo : Blake Neely via Twitter)

The 2-day-old "Supergirl" trailer on YouTube has so far drawn over five million views. The clip shows a lot of DC Comics' Kara Zor-El, portrayed by Melissa Benoist; Alex Danvers, played by Chyler Leigh; and Cat Grant, played by Calista Flockhart. Kara's flying ability, her vibe and her quirks are well presented in the clip.

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The "Supergirl" trailer is more than six and a half minutes long. Technically, the video is an upfront presentation from the developers of the DC Comics adaptation. Trailer works for the general YouTube viewers. Greg Berlanti, who is behind "The Flash" and "Arrow" on The CW, is also running this new CBS series.

The "Supergirl" trailer has drawn mixed reviews. The CBS clip has so far received over 46,000 thumbs-up and more than 14,000 thumbs-down. There are viewers who are disappointed about Kara's "adorkable" character fit for a popcorn dating or rom-com movie. Others are delighted about what they have seen.

"This is the longest trailer ever! [The "Supergirl" trailer] looks fun and doesn't appear to take itself too seriously. My cubs will certainly enjoy it," YouTube viewer @TheCrazeeLee commented, drawing in 49 thumbs-up.

"This ["Supergirl" trailer] looks like they set out to make the worst show in the history of TV. This has to be a joke. How did they f*** up so bad? Jesus Christ it looks bloody awful," YouTube viewer @joemediafilm commented. Sixty-four users have so far given this comment a thumbs-up.

Compared to Berlanti's Oliver Queen and Barry Allen, Kara Zor-El leans more on Barry's quirky side. Perhaps they are both as hopelessly romantic, and they both move around with both drama and comedy alive in their core. It's fun, and it's youthful. It is built for young viewers, but older DC Comics readers might want to see the first few episodes first before passing on final judgment.

WATCH: Supergirl a.k.a. Kara Zor-El (Portrayed by Melissa Benoist)

Dean Cain and Helen Slater are also part of “Supergirl” on CBS. This new series is expected to premiere around September-October this year.