• "Fast And Furious" actress Jordana Brewster

"Fast And Furious" actress Jordana Brewster (Photo : Reuters/Nicky Loh )

After Vin Diesel confirmed "Furious 8" release date, it is yet to be revealed if Jordana Brewster will be part of the cast since it is likely that the sequel may not have Mia Toretto in it after Paul Walker's death.

In Brewster's recent interview with the New York magazine, Brewster did not talk about reprising her role in "Furious 8." Instead, she discussed wellness, including how she loves working out in the gym and how she feels about yoga.

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According to Brewster, meditation really works for her and now, it has been six years that she has been meditating but she is not really into yoga. Her wellness advice to her fans is to find what really works for them and to find a practice that helps center themselves and is unique to them.

"I want to love yoga, but that doesn't work for me," the "Fast And Furious" actress said. "It doesn't calm me down. Running calms me down more than that."

To end her day, Brewster said it is fun to play with her kid and immerse herself in that. She and her husband Andrew Form have one child, Julian, 2. The 35-year-old mother always washes her face, takes her makeup off and puts on "a really nourishing, yummy cream" when transitioning from working to being at home so she feels refreshed in the morning.  

Shortly after revealing her strict exercise routine, Brewster was spotted in Brentwood, Calif. leaving a gym after completing her regular morning workout, according to Daily Mail.