• "Spy" actor Jason Statham will reprise his role Deckard Shaw in "Fast And Furious 8."

"Spy" actor Jason Statham will reprise his role Deckard Shaw in "Fast And Furious 8." (Photo : Reuters)

"Spy" star Jason Statham has recently dished on the upcoming film sequels "Fast And Furious 8" and "Crank 3," in which he is set to reprise his roles Deckard Shaw and Chev Chelios respectively.

In a recent interview with Den of Greek, Statham was asked about his filming schedule. He explained, "There's 'Fast 8,' they want to do another one" and added that to him, "it depends what Universal are doing and when they want to go."

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This makes Statham, Vin Diesel and "San Andreas" star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as the only confirmed members of "Fast And Furious 8" cast so far. Michele Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster are yet to confirm whether or not they will reprise their roles in the upcoming sequel set to be released on April 14, 2017.

In the same interview, Statham also talked about the progress on "Crank 3." He said the sequel is some he has always wanted to do. According to the "Spy" star, the directors want to do "Crank 3" and they are "trying to figure things out."

Statham's fans can catch the "Fast And Furious 8" actor in "Spy," which will hit theaters on June 5. The comedy action film written and directed by Paul Feig stars Statham with Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, Raad Rawi, Jessica Chaffin, Miranda Hart and Sam Richardson, among others.

Recently, Statham also confirmed that a sequel to "Layer Cake" is in the works replacing Daniel Craig in the lead role in the film adaptation of JJ Connolly's novel "Viva La Madness."

"JJ Connelly's written a great book called 'Viva La Madness,' and we're taking that book and doing something great with it," Statham told Digital Spy. "He's such a talented writer. The book was incredible. I loved 'Layer Cake' and this is better."