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Jurassic World (Photo : Twitter/@EW)

Before Colin Trevorrow's "Jurassic World" made a record as the film with the biggest global box office opening, Chris Pratt dished on the hip-hop artists he listens to, which include Eminem, Tupac, 50 Cent, Kanye West and Drake.

In a recent interview with Complex, Pratt said he has always been a big country music fan for the past few years, but when it comes to hip-hop, he has been digging not only songs from Kim Kardashian's husband but also from Drake and Future.

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Pratt is known as an Eminem fan after a video of him rapping the Detroit rapper's "Forgot About Dre" went viral in 2014. When asked about his gym playlist, the "Jurassic World" star said, "I got the 'Chronic 2001' that I listen to over and over again. Eminem, of course. Tupac."

As the follow-up to Dr. Dre's debut album "The Chronic" released in 1992, "The Chronic 2001" is the hip-hop artist's second studio album released by Interscope Records on Nov. 16, 1999.

About his gym playlist, Pratt added, "I even got some Foxy Brown on there. She's so badass. I was listening to some Trick Daddy the other day, some old Wu-Tang. Some 50 Cent."

In other news, rapper 50 Cent, Eminem's protégé, made headlines when he claimed that his boxing company SMS Promotions owes him $2.3 million in back loans, The Jasmine Brand has learned.

Watch Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D'Onofrio, Ty Simpkins, Irrfan Khan and BD Wong's "Jurassic World" co-star rap Eminem's "Forgot About Dre" here: