• Mars, the Red Planet

Mars, the Red Planet (Photo : Reuters)

A pyramid was reportedly spotted on Mars by NASA's Curiosity Rover May this year though a blog report is claiming that the U.S. space agency is taking great pains to cover up the stunning discovery, which could suggest that life once existed (or still exists) on the Red Planet.

In a photo published by ExoPolitics.org, a pyramid-like rock or structure is seen surrounded by other rocks that the report claimed are among the raw images captured and transmitted by the Curiosity Rover in May 2015. The pyramid appears to stand out for its near-perfect geometrical and symmetrical features.

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"The straight-line geometry and symmetry of the pyramid points to it being artificially created rather than a mere geological formation," the report said.

A YouTube clip, maintained by the Paranormal Crucible channel, on the same subject presented a collection of images that seem to support the claim that the found pyramid is the result of an intelligent creation and not of natural formation.

The same pyramid, according to ExoPolitics, is merely the size of a car though the report suggested too that what is only seen could be the tip of a full size pyramid buried underneath the Martian surface and similar to that of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

2012 photo

This is not the first time, however, that a pyramid-like rock was observed on Mars as Curiosity also sent back a similar image back in 2012 that showed what was then described as likely indicator of life form activities on the Red Planet.

"At 16 inches wide and about 10 inches tall, the target rock looks like a miniature Great Pyramid of Giza, with one face artisans neglected to maintain," The Christian Science Monitor reported in September 2012. Yet comparing the two images, it would seem evident that the 2012 photo was more of a naturally-formed stone while the May 2015 picture appears to suggest touches of advanced engineering skills.

Hiding the truth

Despite what could prove as a landmark find, NASA appears reluctant to break the news as the ExoPolitics report indicated that subsequent photos transmitted by Curiosity from the same batch of captured images skipped on the object. According to StarPulse.com, "operators of the NASA rover omitted any images of the so-called pyramid taken by Curiosity," following 20 to seconds of shot intervals.

"Conspiracy theorists claim this is further evidence from the space program of its deliberate attempts to cover up any evidence of life forms on Mars - present or past," the report added.

But dismissing evidences of possible life on Mars or anywhere beyond Earth, however weak or strong these indicators are, seems to contradict NASA's pronounced position on the matter.

In a report, the U.S. space agency is seemingly convinced that man is not alone in the universe and declared that alien life forms will either be found first or they will find us soon. While Mars is a popular choice as a likely host of extraterrestrials, NASA believes that the dreamed discovery of other life forms could also occur beyond the Solar System.