•  Will the Cavs be celebrating after next year's finals?

Will the Cavs be celebrating after next year's finals? (Photo : REUTERS)

Superstar forward LeBron James has agreed to a two-year contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers worth the maximum of $46.9 million.

The deal carries a player option in the second year.

James was slow to make it official that he will be back with the Cavaliers while prompting he team to settle other players contracts first.

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Nonetheless, James was expected to re-sign all along as he never talked to other teams.

The four-time NBA MVP was expected to wait until forward Tristan Thompson would sign before he negotiated with the Cavaliers, but he committed anyway.

The Cavaliers have inked Kevin Love to a five-year, $113 million deal and have also re-signed guard Iman Shumpert.

The new agreement with the Cavaliers gives James flexibility to make more money next summer, when the NBA's new TV deal takes effect and the salary cap increases by millions.

James, who has been on vacation the past week, wants to bring a championship to Cleveland, which has not won a major pro sports team title since 1964.

He shared the same goal with Love, who said that his passion to win an NBA title outweighed everything else.

Love suffered a shoulder injury early in the playoffs that needed surgery and kept him from playing in the NBA Finals.

Watching the Warriors celebrate after winning Game 6 in motivated Love to return to the Cavs, a matter that he told James.

Love revealed that he had a "very honest" talk with James that prompted him to re-sign with the Cavs, although he could have played for any team he wanted.

There were some awkward periods between James and but Love, but the latter indicated that they have resolved their issues.

It remains to be seen if J.R. Smith, who remains a free agent, will return to the Cavs.