• Channing Tatum Helps Stan Lee Exit San Diego Comic Con Panel Stage

Channing Tatum Helps Stan Lee Exit San Diego Comic Con Panel Stage (Photo : Twitter/@SpencerAlthouse)

The recent Comic Con event held in San Diego was one panel of sorts to remember. Aside from the iconic comic book creator Stan Lee taking a huge selfie with today's biggest casts of superhero movies, many noticed the true gentleman in 35-year-old actor Channing Tatum.

The star-studded casts of comic book turned movies "Wolverine," "X-Men: Apocalypse," "Fantastic Four," and "Deadpool" gathered together for the yearly panel. Everyone was in for a surprise when the 92-year-old creator Stan Lee walked up the stage before the event ended, states Mashable. It resulted with everyone sharing a monumental selfie with the living legend.

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After the super selfie, Lee even spoke a few words to the audience. "Now that's the way you end a panel," Lee exclaimed and eventually gave the microphone to Chris Hardwick.

While everyone was still exhilarated with the historical moment that just transpired, it was only Tatum who took the time to help Lee find his way down the stage. GIF images of the gentlemanly gesture of the "Magic Mike" actor started spreading online such as the ones from Movie Maniacs and Spencer Althouse.

The dancer turned actor can be spotted hurrying to help the old man, even with his other hand still holding a selfie stick. Judging from a YouTube video, it doesn't take a genius to notice how Tatum was the only person in the room who got out of his way to help Lee towards the stars and shrug off the chance to rub elbows with the other famous celebrities on stage.

Tatum, who is slated to do the titular role for an upcoming superhero movie "Gambit," took to Twitter his admiration for Stan Lee. "Superhero selfies and @TheRealStanLee... All sorts of dreams came true in #HallH today. #SDCC #Gambit," the actor tweeted.

The sight of Channing Tatum helping icon Stan Lee exit the stage gracefully is clearly a memorable way to end a panel.

The "Gambit" movie is set to hit the big screen with an October 2016 release date, reports EW.