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"America's Got Talent" (AGT) Season 10 (2015) kicked off competition's second phase the Judges' Cut last week with performance of 20 acts. Tonight, another 20 acts perform to impress the judges-Mel B, Howie Stern, Howard and Heidi Klum-and the special guest judge, the Grammy winning singer Michael Buble. The jazz crooner gets the opportunity to find the act that not only deserves to perform in the Radio City Music Hall, but also gets the golden buzzer. Here is a detailed recap of the second week of Judges Cut round of "America's Got Talent" (AGT) Season 10 (2015). Read on to find out who progresses to the next round and who gets eliminated. [Spoiler alert!]

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Performing first on Judges Cut Week 2 is the magician, Aiden Sinclair. He learned magic on his own while he was in  federal prison. He uses deck of cards to the trick. The judges loved the act. But is he advancing to the next level? Scroll down to find the results.

Next up is a musician, Jenna Renae. She performed the rendition of Elvis Presley's "I Can't Help Falling in Love."

She is followed by the oldest contestant of "America's Got Talent" (AGT) Season 10 (2015), Shirley Claire. She performs "The Best is Yet to Come."

Performing next is Daniella Mass. She performs the cover of "Don't Cry for Me Argentina." She gets a standing ovation from the judges.

The next performer on the stage is Ira the muppet. He sings "Let's Get it On" to Mel B. The act gets mixed reviews from the judges.

Benjamin Yonattan, 14, who is mostly blind, performs the next act. He performed a dance routine that surprised the judges.

Next up is a montage of acts, including Facinet Sylla, Nastastya Generalova and Wes Barker. They seemed to have impressed the judges.

Uzeyer Nouvruzov takes the stage next. He is performing a daring act that needed him to balance on the ladder. The judges loved him and it seems he is moving to the next round.

Ryan Shaw, the singer and the songwriter performs next. He is singing a rendition of "I Can't Make You Love Me."Michael Buble thinks he is one of the best singers in the show.

Next up is the singing duo, the Craig Lewis Band. Tonight, they are singing "I'm Going Down." Judges love them and Michael Buble gives them the most coveted Golden Buzzer. They will be performing at Radio City.

Dr. Danger's All Stars perform an act that involves one member riding a bike into the fire. Howie and Howard press the buzzer and eliminate them.

Center Stage and Daditude perform one after the other and a quick look is given to their acts. Performing next is DM Nation, an all-female dance troupe. They manage to impress the judges, who think they are advancing to the next level.

A quick look is given to the performance by The Chippendoubles and hypnotist Chris Jones. They get four X's from the judges.

Performing next is a comedian, Scott Heierman. He starts well. However, he forgets his lines.

The last performance on "America's Got Talent" (AGT) Season 10 (2015) Judges Cut Week 2 is delivered by Selected of God Choir. They are singing Destiny's Child song "Survivor." The judges stand up and applaud them.

"America's Got Talent" (AGT) Season 10 (2015) Judges' Cut Week 2 Results

Acts Advancing to Radio City Music Hall

The Craig Lewis Band (Golden Buzzer Winner)

DM Nation

Benjamin Yonattan

Uzeyer Novruzov

Daniella Mass


Selected of God Choir

The remaining acts were eliminated. Those who were sent home are: 

Center Stage 


Nastasya Generalova

The Chippendoubles

Shirley Claire

Dr Danger's All Stars

Aiden Sinclair

Facinet Sylla

Chris Jones

Ryan Shaw

Wes Barker

Jenna Renae

Scott Heierman

"America's Got Talent" (AGT) Season 10 (2015) returns next week with more Judges Cut act at 8:00 pm on NBC. Stay tuned for more spoilers and recap.