• Experts call the GDP revision as a "normal adjustment."

Experts call the GDP revision as a "normal adjustment." (Photo : REUTERS)

According to recent data compiled by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), China's job market remains stable, with a jobless rate in 31 major cities falling from 5.19 percent in March to 5.06 percent in June.

The figure is the lowest level for the first half of this year.

The current market situation can be attributed to the country's growing economy, as stated by NBS official Feng Nailin.

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China, for the first two quarters of this year, posted a 7-percent growth, a statistic better than what was predicted.

According to Feng, more jobs are expected to be created as the country maintains medium-high growth.

During this year's first half, over seven million jobs became available to urban area residents, earlier data reported.

Other key contributors to the stability of the labor market include the lucrative tertiary sector and the continuing surge of entrepreneurial spirit across the nation.

Feng remarked that the intensified promotion of entrepreneurship was a significant factor in the stabilization of the market, citing that more are venturing into self-employment.

Statistics show that there was a 19.4-percent increase in the number of newly registered enterprises, reaching 2.1 million for the January-to-June period of 2015.

Feng furthermore pointed out the importance of developing the service sector, estimating that a 1-percent increase amounts to a million more jobs created.

For 2015's first half, the services sector grew 8.4 percent with a 49.5-percent share in the country's GDP.

Meanwhile, the NBS official said that job seeking will become easier in the future as the labor population decreases. Last year, the 16 to 59-year-old working populace shrank by 3.71 million.

First launched in 2014, the NBS's surveyed unemployment rate aims to better show the job market situation and to act as a supplementary study to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security's registered urban unemployment rate.

The organization eyes to expand the survey to China's prefecture-level cities, which number over 330. Technical upgrades will also be employed to yield more accurate results.