• The legacy of the Summer Olympics back in 2008 could help Beijing get to host the Winter Games.

The legacy of the Summer Olympics back in 2008 could help Beijing get to host the Winter Games. (Photo : Reuters)

The success of the 2008 Summer Olympics hosted by Beijing could help the current bid of the Chinese capital to host the winter edition of the much-anticipated sport event.

Seven years after the Summer Olympics, the landmark Water Cube Aquatics Center and the Bird's Nest stadium are still luring commercial event organizers and tourists.

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The Bird's Nest, which served as the venue of the Summer Olympics' opening ceremony, has gained 24 million tour visits for the past years. It has even booked major performance and sport events for the next three years, deputy general manager Xiang Jun stated.

"We've hosted more than 180 sport matches and performances in the past years, including the concert marking the 30th anniversary of the Rolling Stones and the Italian Super Cup," Xiang remarked, adding that "there has been no vacancy in [their] schedule for such a major event before 2018."

Meanwhile, the Water Cube has also turned into a popular water park, hosting 850 major events since the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

"We are trying to build the Water Cube into a place that can both host commercial events and serve sports amateurs," manager Yang Qiyong shared.

"We've established a swimming club with the number of registered members exceeding 10,000 members. And the water park, that features the most advanced facilities in Asia, can easily entertain visitors," he furthered.

On July 31, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will decide whether it is Beijing and its co-host Zhangjiakou or Kazakhstan's Almaty who will win the bid.

Should China get the chance to host the Winter Olympics, the host cities pledged that it will build a number of new facilities in accordance with the IOC's urge for frugality.

The Bird's Nest will be utilized for the opening and closing ceremonies, while the Water Cube will be used for curling competitions.