• The Incredibles 2

The Incredibles 2 (Photo : Reuters)

The long wait is over as Pixar Film confirmed "The Incredibles 2". The family of superheroes' film director Brad Bird had promised that right after "Tomorrowland," he would focus on the second part of the box office hit "The Incredibles."

Fans have different speculations on what will happen to the characters and who will give voice to them. Frozone, on the other hand, will be still given life by Samuel L. Jackson, Vine Report.

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Rumors claimed that the youngest of the Parr Family, Jack-Jack, will reveal his super powers on the upcoming sequel. In the latter part of "The Incredibles," he showed some of his powers by fighting Syndrome who tried to steal him by transforming himself into monster-like specie. Jack-Jack was reportedly the focus of the story on the upcoming sequel.

The director of the film said that he is looking forward into Jack-Jack's power. In the sequel, Jack-Jack is a six-year old villain who cannot control his power and Syndrome will use him against his own family. Helen and Bob will retire as superheroes while Dash and Violet will take over the responsibility of fighting against crimes, Crossmap reported.

Bird promised that Pixar Film production always puts the best story in each film they work on. He is also confident that the audience will always love every story they will offer.

In 2004, "The Incredibles" recorded earning $631 million worldwide. It also won the 2004 Annie Awards for Best Animated Feature and the very first animated movie that won the Best Dramatic Presentation of the prestigious Hugo Awards. "The Incredibles 2" was rumored to hit theaters in 2017.