NASA (Photo : Reuters)

Good news for the youngsters aspiring to be an astronaut, NASA has an innovative space camp this summer and the best candidate may join US space missions, including Mars expedition.

More than a thousand children are expected to participate and will gather at the US Space, Kennedy Space Center in Florida and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. The kids will learn by having a hands-on experience of launching and constructing rockets made of paper tubes and PVC pipes. They will also experience the microgravity simulation, and they will be taught how to plan and execute missions in a full-sized space shuttle mock-up, NDTV reported.

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According to NASA, this project is called Summer of Innovation (SOI) where their priority is to target middle school kids who are underrepresented, underprivileged and underserved. The SOI excites children to participate in hands-on activities by identifying challenges and proposing solutions to an actual space related situations. This activity delivers a fun way of learning science, technology, engineering, and math or STEM.

"Each activity is planned to bring out team-building and problem-solving skills among children," the US space agency said. They also added that it is about allowing kid's natural curiosity to learn effectively. There is also a possibility of being chosen as one of the future astronauts for space missions including Mars.

NASA is extending new learning for kids this summer in fun ways. This is a response to the President of United States Barack Obama's call to innovate learning on children.