• Summer Games Done Quick

Summer Games Done Quick (Photo : Twitter)

Summer Games Done Quick, the yearly gaming marathon stream, has started and some of the world's top "speedrunners" are playing and streaming a ton of video games around the clock on platforms such as YouTube. The charity marathon that raises money for medical assistance in remote regions can be viewed at the GamesDoneQuick site starting on July 27, Monday.

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Donations for the yearly event go to the Doctors Without Borders charity, an organization that provides medical care for isolated areas worldwide. The donation goal is $1 million, according to PC Mag.   

Throughout the gaming competition streaming donations are encouraged through interactions during certain milestones when monetary goals are achieved. Gamers might get a special challenge, for instance.

 There are also other challenges. They include bidding to name favorite game characters, or competing in a bidding war with other bidders.

Over 100 games will be streamed during Games Done Quick. They include Tetris, Donkey Kong Country, Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, and Resident Evil 3; and different platforms, according to GameEspresso.  The gaming marathon will end on August 2, Sunday.

The most challenging aspect of the yearly gaming marathon is that it is live. Thus, gamers have just one chance to complete a speedrun. Besides not having the opportunity of any do-overs they must also race through the game in front of an audience, which creates an extra challenge.

Summer Games Done Quick is held yearly in St. Paul, Minnesota, while the first event took place in August 2011. It can be viewed worldwide through the Twitch.tv platform.