• The Google Nexus 5 2015 is expected to have LG and Huawei versions.

The Google Nexus 5 2015 is expected to have LG and Huawei versions. (Photo : YouTube/CTNtechnologynews)

While the Google Nexus 5 (2015) release date is yet to be made official, several reports claim that Google is currently working on two different Nexus handsets, which will be made by the Chinese smartphone maker Huawei and the South Korean smartphone maker LG. One of the major features of the LG-mage Google Nexus 5 (2015) is said to be a 3D camera.

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LG is said to be testing a 3D camera assembly for its Google Nexus 5 (2015) model, according to South Korean website iNews24. It must be noted that the world's first 3D smartphone is the LG Optimus 3D, which features 3D real-time recording, seamless content sharing via HDMI/DLNA, beyond dual core, tri dual technology and glasses-free 4.4" wide display.

Apparently, Google will provide the chips of its next-gen Nexus handset by relying on Qualcomm with the Snapdragon 810, which is likely to be a choice for the LG handset, according to BGR.

It is still unclear why Google would require such 3D camera capabilities from its next-gen Nexus handsets. Meanwhile, here are three high-quality films that were shot using a smartphone:

1.      "Paranmanjang" (2011)

Using an iPhone 4, South Korean director Park Chan-wook shot "Paranmanjang," a 30-minute horror movie about a K-pop star as a shaman priest. It won Best Short at the 2011 Berlin International Film Festival. The title is a Korean word for night fishing.

Park's 2003 film "Oldboy" was remade in Spike Lee's 2013 film of the same title. The remake starred "Tarzan" star Samuel L. Jackson, "Captain America: Civil War" actress Elizabeth Olsen and "Hail! Caesar" actor Josh Brolin, among others.

2.      "Two Scoops" (2013)

BlackBerry paid Frank Miller and Quentin Tarantino's "Sin City" co-director Robert Rodriguez to film an 11-minute movie on the BlackBerry 10. The story of "Two Scoops" revolves around sisters who battle aliens by night and run an ice cream truck by day.

3.      "Tangerine" (2015)

Shot in a widescreen and 2:35:1 aspect ratio, "Tangerine" was filmed by Sean Baker using an iPhone 5S, an $8 app called Filmic Pro and a Steadicam. The film about transgender prostitutes working in the streets of Los Angeles was featured in the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.