• Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 expected to have been released in June 2015.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 expected to have been released in June 2015. (Photo : Reuters)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Speculated Apple iPad Pro, and Microsoft Surface Pro 4 present stiff competition for the next finest high-end tablet to hit the market.

Although there have been many speculations about the feature of the expected Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, little is known about the upcoming Apple iPad Pro tablet. Apple seems to maintain secrecy at least up to the official release of the device.

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According to Petri, Surface Pro 4 could launch in October since Microsoft had initially scheduled to launch the gadget in October together with Windows 10. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will maintain the October schedule since at the time the Windows team changed the release date for Windows 10 to July 29, the Surface team could not keep up with the changes.  

The Korean tech giant, Samsung has an advantage given that its two major competitors will be launched in October. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 was ready in June, a year after the launch of its precursor, Galaxy Tab S.

The company has been reluctant in releasing the Galaxy Tab S2 for reasons best known to Samsung. However, it is rumored that the tech giant might have been trying to weigh the market competition and making some final touches to the high-end device.

Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 will appear in Black and White on Aug. 4, which is the launch date for the device Phone Arena revealed. Other color variants will follow in subsequent dates within the same month showing that Samsung will be ahead of the competitors: Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft, and speculated Apple iPad Pro.

For a three product inclined competition, the first device to launch and reach the retail market would clearly enjoy first-hand profitability. The strategy is what Samsung is eyeing with the launching of Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 soon.