• Floyd Mayweather Streses That He Doesn’t Know Ronda Rousey But Wishes Only The Best For ‘Rowdy’

Floyd Mayweather Streses That He Doesn’t Know Ronda Rousey But Wishes Only The Best For ‘Rowdy’ (Photo : Steve Marcus/Reuters)

Another controversy brews involving Floyd Mayweather, Jr and a woman getting hit.

This time, the undefeated boxer is not involved directly but a member of his entourage. The incident happened during a Golden State Warriors playoff game in Oakland in May.

The original report came from TMZ in May 14. According to the report, Mayweather was booed loudly when he was shown at Oakland Coliseum's Jumbotron (perhaps because of the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight that just concluded at that time). But even as the crowd died down, TMZ "was told at least one person continued to jeer even after Floyd was off the screen." 

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The report stated that "multiple witnesses" saw a woman continue to heckle Mayweather and "The Money Team" and apparently, the woman hit one member of the entourage with her "thunder stick."

When they asked the Oakland police department, the statement was quoted: "We do have record of an incident that occurred at about 9:45 PM at the Oracle Arena regarding a mutual combat battery which occurred between a man and a woman" and that "neither party wished to press charges against the other, nobody was arrested and no injuries were sustained."

However, there were thousands in attendance during the game and there was actually a video, and contrary to the earlier statement, the police department actually did open an investigation on the matter. The investigation was only declared closed last July 29.

Deadspin featured the story and it also showed copies of the police incident report. There were also statements from the woman involved and some witnesses.

From the woman's point of view, she and her companion were waving balloon tubes in the air (the "thunder stick") and "tapped" two men who were seated in front of them. One of those people they tapped was ejected from the arena (it was not clear why) and the woman claimed she "tapped" the companion (apparently both members of Mayweather's entourage) and that latter turned around and punched her, which caused her to fall to the ground. She was eventually escorted out by Security.

Witnesses corroborated the statement and the man involved (the puncher) also made his statement. He said the woman and her companion "kept hitting him on the head" with the balloon tubes. He turned around and confronted them, they exchanged words. He also claimed that he was "slapped in the face" which is why he "hit her with a closed fist."

The case has been officially closed July 29 since there were no injuries and neither side wanted to press charges.

Floyd Mayweather's crew member hits a woman and his punch did not cause any injury, very similar to "Money" himself.