• Steve Austin on the cover of "WWE 2K16" as a way to capture the audience.

Steve Austin on the cover of "WWE 2K16" as a way to capture the audience. (Photo : Reuters)

Stone Cold Steve Austin is the cover wrestler of "WWE 2K16" and according to him, the latest WWE vide game is the coolest ever. 

In a recent interview with WWE.com, Austin talked about being on the cover of the video game, the title's largest gaming roster and his dream 2K match. 

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According to the WWE Hall of Famer, the video game's 120 playable characters is "almost insane". And while he hasn't seen the complete list of wrestlers, he says he is interested to see who the game developers' will be bringing back from the past.

"It's going to be interesting for me because I haven't even seen the complete roster. I know a couple of the guys who are going to be in the game, but I'm looking to see who they dig back in the history and bring up," Austin told WWE.com 

"With 120 playable characters, that's almost insane. And from what I know about the game, this one is going to be the coolest one ever."

Stone Cold also revealed that he wants to face off with the iconic Andre the Giant, be it on the video game or in real life. 

"A guy that I've always had so much respect for and only got a chance to meet one time was Andre the Giant."

When asked which wrestler he would be using to face Andre the Giant on "WWE 2K16", the WWE Hall of Famer revealed:

"So, I would like to play Andre the Giant as myself, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin."

Also, over the weekend, it was confirmed that Lilian Garcia will be the announcer for "WWE 2K16", Attack of the fanboy reported.

Lilian also confirmed the report via Twitter, "Soooo excited 2 announce that I am back in the @WWEGAMES & in a big way this year!  #WWE2K16 here I come!!"

"WWE 2K16" will drop in stores on October 27, 2015.