• Sheldon and Amy from "Big Bang Theory"

Sheldon and Amy from "Big Bang Theory" (Photo : Facebook )

Slamming the rumors that her character has been axed from "The Big Bang Theory," Mayim Bialik declared that she is definitely coming back to the show's ninth season that is set to premiere on Sept. 21 on CBS.

The 39-year-old actress, who plays the role of Sheldon's love interest, Amy Farrah Fowler, took to her blog, Kveller, to tease a few plot details about the upcoming season along with some behind-the-scenes pictures with her co-stars. Since the season 8 of the hit comedy sitcom ended with Amy's break-up with Sheldon(Jim Parsons), it was highly speculated that Bialik's run with the show has ended and a new character will be introduced in the season 9 to play Sheldon's love interest.

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"Just because my character needed 'time off' from Sheldon doesn't mean we are broken up, and it certainly doesn't mean I am not coming back as a cast member," wrote the actress on her blog along with a picture of herself with Parsons.

Bialik further spilled the beans about the plot of season 9 by informing that it will pick up from where the season 8 was ended- Leonard and Penny headed to Las Vegas for marriage while Sheldon and Amy on a break.

Also, another recurring character making a comeback in the season 9 is Stuart (Kevin Sussman).

Despite Amy-Sheldon's apparent split shown at the end of season 8, show-runner Steve Molaro also has assured the fans that the couple's issues will be addressed in the premiere episode of the upcoming season, Enstarz reported.

Although Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Penny(Kaley Cuoco) are nearing the aisle in Las Vegas, the synopsis hints towards a road block in their wedding plans as Penny is not yet over with the Leonard's infidelity, Cartermatt reported.