• Shailene Woodley and Theo James

Shailene Woodley and Theo James (Photo : Facebook)

Fans of the "Divergent: Allegiant" movie have long been waiting for Shailene Woodley and Theo James to start a real life relationship. Because of their undeniable chemistry onscreen, many are wondering if they will be willing to give dating a shot, in the event that they are both single.

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In an interview with Entertainment Wise, body language expert Judi James said that Woodley and James are "genuinely close" to each other. She said that the two may have been following the Hollywood formula for promoting a movie, flirting and acting friends in front of the camera, but she confirmed that there must be something more between the two actors. She added that both stars seemed to actually care for each other.

Citing videos of the press tour for their last film "Divergent: Insurgent," the expert pointed out that both Woodley and James seemed to be so comfortable with one another. She said that James was not just pleasing the fans when he was holding Woodley in his arms.

"Theo is working the pose well beyond the call of duty with that right hand tucked around Shailene's waist with a firm grip and fingers that are on nodding terms with her right breast," the expert said.

Speaking to MTV, James revealed a few intimate details about his first onscreen kiss with Woodley. The actor shared that he just kissed her hard and went for it, thinking that it's how she wanted the kiss to be. James added that he thought it would lessen the awkwardness if he were really into it.