• Thomas Ravenel

Thomas Ravenel (Photo : Facebook)

"Southern Charm" star Thomas Ravenel allegedly cheated on Kathryn Dennis again. The politician reportedly got into a fight with a mystery girl's boyfriend after he flirted with her on Facebook.

According to All About The Tea, Ravenel was involved with an avid "Southern Charm" fan who is willing to do anything just to be in the show. The Florida based model reportedly posted several modeling photos on social media, which got the politician's attention. Ravenel reportedly kept liking all her photos and eventually decided to contact her on Facebook.

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Insiders told the publication that Ravenel told the model that she can appear on "Southern Charm" season 3 if she agrees to stay on a hotel for three nights with him. Since the part-time model and flight attendant was "obsessed" with the Bravo show, she jumped on the offer right then and there.

The reality star did not waste time and immediately booked a flight the next day and reserved a room at the Emerald Grande hotel for Aug. 12. The woman's boyfriend, however, found out about their plan and confronted Ravenel. She reportedly told him that she will be spending the night at a friend's house but he eventually found out that she was lying.

In the exclusive video released by the outlet, a man was seen confronting Ravenel about his relationship with the mystery woman. He wondered if Ravenel knew that the woman was an alcoholic, drug addict and a prostitute. This is when the reality star tried to grab the mobile phone to stop the man from further recording the conversation.