• An "Alien" sequel happens following Ridley Scott's film.

An "Alien" sequel happens following Ridley Scott's film. (Photo : YouTube/Dav3ydav3)

Neill Blomkamp's sci-fi film "Alien 2" will push through, after Ridley Scott's "Prometheus 2."

"The Terminator" actor Michael Biehn is rumored to play the role of Dwayne Hicks in Blomkamp's upcoming project. In his interview with Empire Online, Biehn and another source said that the film's postponement is due to Scott's request of running it after his film "Prometheus 2," along with the film being "handled with care."

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Along with Blomkamp's "Alien" sequel, Biehn is also set to appear in Bradley Marcus and Kevin Marcus' horror film "The Farm," Larry Wade Carrell's horror film "She Rises," Vance Crofoot's sci-fi "Fembot," Travis Romero's thriller "Killer Weekend," and Raza Mallal's mystery thriller "Kickback."

With the production of Scott's "Prometheus 2" reported to interfere the production for Blomkamp's "Alien" sequel, the latter film might end up with a 2018 release, as per Bloody Disgusting.

Sigourney Weaver is also reported to join Biehn in the upcoming "Alien" sequel. Also known for James Cameron's 1986 "Aliens" and 2009 "Avatar," Weaver is set to appear in J.A. Bayona's fantasy film "A Monster Calls" and in Cameron's upcoming "Avatar 2," "Avatar 3," and "Avatar 4."

With Blomkamp set to helm the sci-fi film, Scott will also co-produce the film with David Giler, who is known for producing James Cameron's "Aliens," Scott's "Aliens," and David Fincher's "Alien 3." He also co-produced "Prometheus" with Scott in 2012.

As the "Alien" sequel remains in its early phase of development at the moment, exact plot details like the characters and cast, plot twists, and exact release date are yet to be revealed.

Blomkamp's untitled "Alien" sequel and Scott's "Prometheus 2" are set to premiere in theaters in 2017.