• Long hours at work can increase the risk of a stroke for individuals

Long hours at work can increase the risk of a stroke for individuals (Photo : REUTERS/SUZANNE PLUNKETT)

A recent study has revealed that employees who sit at their desks for long hours are at an added risk of coming in for a stroke. The study has emphasized that longer the hours, higher the risks that individuals run of being prone to strokes.

According to the Guardian the study conducted across three continents is to date the largest study to be led by scientists at the University College of London (UCL).

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The study found that those who work for more than 50 hours a week are at an increased risk of 33 percent of having a stroke in comparison to those who work 35-40 hours a week.

The study has also revealed that those who spend long hours at their desk also have a 13 percent risk of acquiring coronary heart disease.

The findings confirm that the modern day work culture, where individuals work from the early hours in the morning till late into the evening and even work over the weekends is harmful  to a healthy wellbeing.

The scientists who published their findings in the Lancet medical journal, told the British publication while they cannot confirm indefinitely that long hours cause strokes, their investigations  have indicated that there is a strong link, between the number of work hours and health.

Professor Mika Kivimäki of the epidemiology unit at UCL who is heading the study told the BBC physical inactivity can increase the risk of stroke coupled with biological factors and alcohol consumption can all contribute to increased chances of coming in for a stroke.

Professor Kivimäki said people need to be careful and make sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle while having a close watch on their blood pressure.