• China is at the height of preparing for the upcoming V-Day military parade on Sept. 3.

China is at the height of preparing for the upcoming V-Day military parade on Sept. 3. (Photo : Reuters)

For many, the upcoming Sept. 3 military parade commemorating the 70th anniversary of Victory Day is China's chance to advance solidarity among the members of its society.

Global audiences have been anticipating what the parade will be like, and the majority expects that the event will not only showcase China's military prowess, but will also serve as a presentation of the snapshot of the Chinese society.

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The upcoming commemoration is China's chance to highlight its sophistication amid the problems and difficulties it encounters. And for the purpose of national rejuvenation, it is high time for the country to advance confidently and firmly.

Staged to be backdropped in the historic Tiananmen Square, the parade that will be joined by other counties' military troops is a rare moment in Beijing. It is not every year that such large event happens; hence, the rising anticipation from the Chinese capital's citizens.

Despite the calls for scaling down the parade after the tragic Tianjin blasts, the government rallied to continue its original plan. And when some photos of the rehearsal for the V-Day parade were released, many have expressed their approval and satisfaction, deflating the said earlier urges.

The said rehearsal was a feast for the eyes, though quite a few people have had a glimpse at the sight because of temporary blockades and controls. Nonetheless, the nod from the netizens is one proof that the momentous celebration will be a very big day that the Chinese society will remember.

Though naturally, too much attention from China's audience worldwide will make the Chinese public feel nervous, the society is urged to look at the event as an opportune time to enhance its resilience--and show that to the globe.