• Sony

Sony (Photo : Reuters)

Sony announced in July that it is partnering up with robotics firm ZMP in an effort to develop and create an all-purpose drone aimed for businesses and enterprises to do things like facility inspection and surveying land and properties. Barely a month after the announcement, Sony posted the first video of the drone prototype, known as Aerosense, taking off and flying around.

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The video was posted on Aerosense Incorporated's official YouTube page. On the video, the drone showcased some of its maneuverability. The drone has a rotating turbine that allows it to have vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capability, the same technology embedded on Harrier fighter jets.

What the VTOL capability offers is the ability to land and take off without the need of a landing strip. This enables the drone to be deployed in areas with limited open space like crowded cities and forests, according to NBC News.

Since the drone is a joint project between and Sony and ZMP, both companies shared their own technologies in order to build the device. Sony shared its top of the line camera, telecommunications networks and sensing technology. On the other hand, ZMP will take care of the drone's robotics aspect while at the same time sharing its expertise in the field of industrial business.

Prior to the joint venture, Sony has showed great interest in the growing Internet of Things sector. Sony and ZMP are planning to incorporate a new company called Aerosense Incorporated in August.

According to Sony, the Aerosense drone is expected to be released in the market in 2016. Sony and ZMP are currently testing the drone's prototype while at the same time devising the manufacturing process.