• "Once Upon a Time" Season 6 will air its pilot episode on Sept. 25.

"Once Upon a Time" Season 6 will air its pilot episode on Sept. 25. (Photo : Twitter/Once Upon A Time)

The much awaited “Once Upon A Time” season 5, all set for premiere on Sept. 27, will more likely see the return of “Dreamcatcher” in the fifth episode.

The episode 5 in the upcoming season written by creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz is titled “Dreamcatcher,” which reminds the fans about the season 2 premiere episode in which Neal Cassidy (Michael-Raymond James) was introduced.

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While the name does suggest that the episode is connected to Neal, Kitsis has confirmed that it will have Emma (Jennifer Morrison) as the main focus.

“Although dreamcatchers evoke and remind us of Neal, they have been used on the show magically,” Kitsis told TVLine.

Emma will reportedly get to find the dreamcatcher in Neal’s apartment and the story of the episode will develop from there, though there will not be any flashback moment or any glimpse of Neal who died in season 3.

As for the flashbacks in the all-new season, Horowitz said that season 5 will be different in comparison to the previous seasons.

“The construction [of Season 5A] is different as far as flashbacks go,” Horowitz noted. “But we will be getting an Emma flashback in the early part of the season.”

Meanwhile, the new promo for the “Once Upon A Time” season 5 gives the first look at the world of Camelot and King Arthur (Liam Garrigan) along with his knights, Cartermatt reported.

Fans are expected to know more about the history of King Arthur in the fourth episode to be titled “The Broken Kingdom.” However, the first reference to the Arthurian lore was in the season’s third episode to be titled “Siege Perlious.”