• Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter (Photo : YouTube/Bethesda Softworks)

It seems like the Bethesda’s “Fallout Shelter” mobile game has a bug that guarantees legendary loot for players.

Termed as negative time glitch can give players a legendary gear whenever exploited. All the player needs is a dweller exploring the wastelands for at least a couple of hours, Kotaku reported.

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Here is how the bug can be used for the players’ advantage to get legendary loot in “Fallout Shelter:”

Only one dweller is exploring the wasteland, for more than 2 hours. Players can exploit the glitch only when the dweller has not received the loot at the expected time. There will be a time-window of 15 minutes, within which, each dweller exploring the wasteland may receive rare loot.

If the dweller has missed the loot at the expected time, send two more dwellers to explore. Players will not have to equip the dwellers as the time frame of exploring will be less than 15 minutes. Once the dwellers are out, exit the game by logging-out from the main menu.

Gamers can check the game again after a period of 5 minutes and if the dwellers have received any legendary loot, repeat the process by sending out two more dwellers. It is better to repeat the process till the period of 15 minutes ends, within which one or all the groups of dwellers exploring the wasteland would have acquired legendary loot, The Bit Bag reported.

This is because the glitch basically cons the game into thinking that the dwellers have been exploring for an indefinite period of time, which results in rare loots, as with every hour the dweller travels, the possibility finding legendary loot increases.

Players can exploit the bug and acquire as much legendary loot as possible, before the developer fixes the glitch. However, Bethesda is yet to make any announcement about patch updates for “Fallout Shelter.”