• "Arrow" season 4 premieres on The CW on Oct. 7.

"Arrow" season 4 premieres on The CW on Oct. 7. (Photo : Twitter/CW_Arrow)

There are rumors that "Green Lantern" may appear in "Arrow" Season 4.

"Arrow" Season 4 is all set to premiere on Oct. 7. This season will consist of many new characters, like Constantine, and returning cast, like Oliver Queen. Ollie is all set to head towards the Starling City. In addition, Felicity will be heading towards the Coast City and the Oliver-Felicity romance will be taking on a more organic turn, according to TV Line.

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Coast City is the home town of Green Lantern, also known as Hal Jordan. His character was teased in the previous seasons of "Arrow," along with the character of The Flash. None of these characters were, however, shown in the actual show. However, this time around things will be different.

The executive producer of "Arrow," Marc Guggenheim tweeted recently about the inclusion of the Green lantern in the up coming season of the show.

As the release of the first trailer of the up coming season is approaching, Guggenheim wanted the fans of the show to feel more excited with the production art that he posted.

This art which is working as a huge tease for fans of the show as well as the DC comics. This particular image is of the Coast City, and the image says, "In brightest day, in blackest night, come to Coast City, when money's tight." This statement is nothing but Green Lantern's Oath.

In DC Comics, Jorden and Queen are shown to be really good friends. They also go on various adventures together. Guggenheim did not clearly say about Jorden being shown in his super hero avatar, but it is being speculated that his tweet means that Jorden will be shown in his civilian mode.