• ADHD being diagnosed in young children

ADHD being diagnosed in young children (Photo : REUTERS/JOHN KOLESIDIS)

An increase in diagnosis of attention deficit disorder (ADHD) in young children in the United States has been highlighted in a newly released report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to the report during the last two decades the figures of children being discovered with the hyperactivity disorder have steadily increased with fears of a possible over diagnosis of the condition.

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It has been estimated in the findings that one third of children have been diagnosed before the age of six with ADHD in the United States, according to CBS News.

The Centre revealed that nine percent of children between the ages of three and 17 have been diagnosed amounting to about 5 million children in the United States.

Dr. Michael F. Troy, Director Behavioral Health Services at Children's Hospital  in Minnesota told the news channel the increased rate could be attributed to children being diagnosed at a very young.

While the information may be alarming scientists believe a number of factors can contribute to the figures including awareness.Dr. Troy said once awareness of a condition is common diagnosis becomes less stigmatized and tends to be more frequent as well.

During the study researchers spoke to more than 2,000 parents whose children had been diagnosed with the condition. 

Scientists learnt that the average age of a child to be diagnosed with ADHD is seven, but amongst those there were children who had been diagnosed at a much younger age as well, according to CNN.

Lead scientist of the report Dr. Susanna Visser said since many of the common ADHD traits are similar to a typical child's behavior it is important that physicians properly recognize the disorder.

Dr. Visser added that these recent findings prove that the majority of physicians are using the recommended methods of diagnosing children with ADHD across the board lessening the chances for misdiagnosis.