• The State Council steps up efforts to create a more favorable business environment.

The State Council steps up efforts to create a more favorable business environment. (Photo : Xinhua)

China's State Council recently unveiled a plan that aims to deliver various services--telecom, television, radio and Internet--over a single broadband connection.

Dubbed as the "three-network convergence" project, it eyes to integrate data transmission infrastructure and facilitate information sharing.

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Under the State Council's plan, television and radio stations are allowed to have a hand and operate telecom and Internet services. Conversely, telecom firms are also permitted to make television and radio programs, except those that are politically themed.

"The project can help upgrade consumption, overhaul industrial structure and improve people's livelihoods," the document stated.

The plan added that the "two-way" entry to each business will be gradually implemented.

Moreover, cybersecurity and "cultural security" are safeguarded, as the plan assured that the ability to ward off hacking, information tampering, Internet services paralyzing, and radio and television programs interruption will be enhanced.

China is also geared at advocating the growth of digital publishing, mobile multimedia and interactive new media.

The government also aims to intensify its efforts to encourage the consumption of digital music, online artworks, animations and games.

The government also remarked that it will support the research and development of key equipment required to establish the convergence among the said networks

Meanwhile, Internet bandwidth is also set to be increased, especially in rural areas across the country, as part of the recently released plan. Copper wires will then be replaced with optical fiber to improve Internet speed and transmission capacity in China.