• Families of government officials and Party members discussed family traditions in a presentation during an ACFW event.

Families of government officials and Party members discussed family traditions in a presentation during an ACFW event. (Photo : www.womenofchina.cn)

A special event for Chinese officials and Party members from Chinese state bodies was held in Beijing on Tuesday, Sept. 8, honoring their integrity and adherence to domestic traditions, the China Women’s News reported.

The report said that the event also gave recognition to outstanding families for their clean record in performing official duties and for observing fine family traditions that included longstanding customs and values passed down from generation to generation, showing the social ethics of the official's own households.

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The event highlighted readings from family letters which included a son's pledge made to his father to be honest and trustworthy in performing his official duties.

Another letter was about a father asking his son, who is studying abroad, to be patriotic and to spread positive vibes, and a mother's letter to a son advising him to practice restraint.

After the letter reading, an official gave a talk on "A Special Will," which discussed stories relating to the family traditions of former finance minister Wu Bo. According to the lecture, Wu worked selflessly and had been strict with himself that even after his death, he asked not to give his children any privileges due to his official government status.

The event also featured the showing of a video clip called "Conflicts in Lao Zhao's Family" that talked about the wife of Lao Zhao. The video showed the crucial role of family members in promoting integrity and self-discipline among Party members and officials.

"Flying Flag," a sitcom, was also shown, relating the stories of former Chinese ambassador in Syria Zhang Xun, who stuck to his work during the war.

Song Xiuyan, vice president and first member of the Secretariat of the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF), said that in 2014 the federation launched the "Looking for the Most Beautiful Families" campaign and the activities of showcasing fine family traditions in more than 700,000 Women's Homes centers across the country.

The federation reportedly continued to carry out the campaign in urban and rural communities across the country, and the endeavor was expanded to government bodies, enterprises and troops, Song added.

Song stressed that the campaign, based on the same characteristics and integrity that the attendees carried out, has exerted a strong influence among the public.

Shao Xujun, deputy secretary of the Central State Bodies Work Committee, said that since the campaign was launched, Party members and officials have been encouraged to recall their family histories, rediscover family traditions and inspire them. Their family members tried to create a warm and positive domestic atmosphere, which is a safeguard against corruption.

According to the report, as of the end of June, more than 10,000 staff members in 74 central state bodies had joined in the campaign. Women's federations in 30 departments had been recognized for excellent organizations, and 486 individuals received awards for their performance.