• JLENS Aerostat

JLENS Aerostat (Photo : Department of Defense)

A resident of Colorado Springs claims seeing a UFO flying towards the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) headquarters on Sept. 4 at about 9:30 p.m.

The sighting was reported on Saturday as Case 70163 in the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), according to Open Minds, a website about UFO news and investigations. The witness was not alone but had friends who also allegedly saw white, red and purple lights flashing.

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The UFO was flying low in the sky headed southwest from northeast. It flew over southern Colorado Springs and Fort Carson Army Base. Then 20 minutes after the incident, the group saw four black helicopters in the same place and then saw the strange light again. Five minutes later, a big military aircraft flew also along the same path and created a smoke trail that took half an hour to disappear.

Besides their group, the witness said other residents of I-25 Pueblo area also were witnesses to the strange lights and the aircraft activity in the zone. As a resident of Colorado Springs for years, the witness is familiar with different types of aircraft flying overhead but insists what the group saw was different.

"It flew in a straight line for a mile or two. When it got close to NORAD, the lights turned off ad we could no longer see it. The airplane seen after it was way lower than any other plane I have seen in the area," the witness said.

UFO experts admit that some flying objects reported have natural explanations. Open Minds even reports if the UFOs turn out to be identified flying objects such as what two Arizona residents thought when they caught on video colorful lights in the sky above Sabino Canyon.

However, Sunburst Video owner Dennis Freyermuth investigated the incident and concluded the lights were caused by people on a nearby mountain, reports Huffington Post. Freyermuth is director for investigations of Phoenix MUFON.