• Edge of Reality Conference

Edge of Reality Conference (Photo : VUFOA)

It would take a major event such as the Westall case in Victoria in 1966 for the world to better understand the full scope of the paranormal world, UFO expert Chase Kloetzke said on Saturday. She was the main speaker of the "Edge of Reality" conference in Melbourne.

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She was referring to over 200 students and teachers at the Westall High School in Clayton South who saw a grey saucer-shaped craft with a slight purple hue fly overhead at 10:30 a.m. while they were playing on the sports oval. It hit some pine trees and is believed to have left a mark on the ground as proof of its landing.

Kloetzke said they cannot rely on the government to provide the information even if it was aware of UFO activities but is covering it up. Her basis in making such bold statements is her belief that UFOlogy is moving into mainstream science.

"Ten years ago I was the crazy lady down the road who investigated UFOs, and now people are actually standing up and listening," Herald Sun quotes Kloetzke, a Pentagon trainer. She is also the deputy director of Mutual UFO Organization (MUFON), the largest UFO group in the world.

Kloetzke, also author of two books on UFOs, estimates there are about 900 cases of UFO and alien sightings worldwide. But these are the reported ones. She says there are more that are not reported.

Ben Hurle, director off the Victoria UFO Organization which organized the conference, agrees with Kloetzke. He says, "I've been studying Victorian UFO history for a long time. There's not a part of the country untouched. That activity is not necessarily in every region now, but there is a very consistent record of UFO activity," quotes The Age.

For those who missed the conference, here is the video of the morning session.