• Microsoft is soon launching Cortana in the upcoming cars.

Microsoft is soon launching Cortana in the upcoming cars. (Photo : Instagram)

Microsoft announced that it has plans to integrate voice assistant Cortana in smart cars. The company officially stated that the company developed prototype of Cortana for connected cars.

Microsoft Cortana integration into cars will enable the users to control the navigation systems, windows shades and identify their exact location on the map. Also, other additional information like restaurant reservation will also be seemlessly available.

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"We have not lunched similar products due to high cost but we hope to have further discussions with Taiwanese partners to jointly explore future possibilities," Microsoft Asia Pacific R&D group chief operating officer Samuel Shen said.

This provision will give the drivers an ease not to take off their eyes off the road while completing their tasks. At present, Cortana can set reminders, recommend restaurants, give information about weather conditions and can also display results of sports. When this entire task will come with hands-free interface, it will be an amazing experience for the drivers, The Verge reported.

According to CNET, the company is facing competition with Apple Car play and Google Android Auto, which are offering navigation and traffic information along with music playback, phone calls, text messaging and other in car features. Cortona may be the answer to Microsoft previously announced "Windows in the car" initiative that was offering apps for maps, radio music and traffic updates but was not implemented as company couldn't tell how to control the in car system.

The technology is still in its developing stage and isn't ready to enter into the car. Microsoft  is planning to team up with Taiwanese partners, though the names of these partners has not been revealed, to develop the connected cars that can give a respond to your voice commands. But it seems the cost of this new technology is becoming the limiting factor.