• Volgograd Disc

Volgograd Disc (Photo : Bloknot-Volgograd)

Alien enthusiasts in Russia recently found a large stone disc in Volgograd which is now the subject of a dispute if it is just a big rock or a spaceship or a working part of a spacecraft. The discovery was first reported on Bloknot-Volgograd, a Russian website.

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Like other extraterrestrial and unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings that divide people, this one expectedly is being disputed by UFO believers and non-believers. For the latter, it is just a natural object, but for the former, it has alien beginnings.

UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Waring explains, "It looks to me like the stone disks I've seen in Mars NASA photos, which leads me to conclude that this UFO is a military drone, but it was probably damaged during the Mars attack and got off course, crashing on Earth," quotes Yahoo.

He adds that because of its size, it might not be a drone but a manned vessel. Waring points out that aliens, after all, have the power to make anything fly, whatever is the weight of the object.

Comments on Yahoo were mostly from non-believers.

Hothead humorously points out the rock could have been from the Flintstones meet the Jetstones episode. Herby agrees that "It's a bloody stone."

Dave finds Yahoo's citing of Waring as source as lacking in credibility, saying that the editor pretends to be a big shot UFOlogist, "but in fact spends most of the time colouring in faces on natural rock formations in Mars in order to convince his gullible little band of followers."

He adds that it is neither unidentified nor flying, making it unqualified to be a UFO. HFYN says the crack on the stone's side is where small green and purple polka dot aliens will come out and begin to blast every living thing it encounters.

Metro reports that the same disc is found at the Zhirinovsky museum, which is a reference to Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a Russian politician considered by his countrymen a clown. When he campaigned for prime minister in 1993, he promised free vodka for Russian men and better undergarments for Russian women.