• “Kingsman: The Secret Service” actor Taron Egerton said he is not about to post selfies of his muscled-up body on Instagram or some other public forum.

“Kingsman: The Secret Service” actor Taron Egerton said he is not about to post selfies of his muscled-up body on Instagram or some other public forum. (Photo : YouTube/Fox InternationalROW)

Apart from being super hot British actors who have bagged coveted action roles, "Kingsman: The Secret Service" actor Taron Egerton and "Insurgent" star Theo James have another common denominator. They are fiercely private stars who are not that keen on selfies.

Egerton, who plays Gary Unwin or Eggsy in the spy action comedy film that proved to be a box-office success, has tweeted that he has wrapped u work for his next major film project. There are also talks circulating about a possible sequel of "Kingsman: The Secret Service" revolving around Eggsy.

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It does not mean, though, that Egerton is on board when it comes to posting selfies of his body on social media. Queried whether he was ever inclined to post his pics after getting in shape for his role in "Kingsman: The Secret Service," Egerton said it is not his style to do so. 

The "Legend" actor detests selfies of his own body, and describes putting them on a public forum as "vain" and "unreal," i-D magazine reported.

Another British actor frequently hounded by the paparazzi these days who has openly admitted that he would rather have a light digital presence is "Divergent" series star Theo James.

Many other Hollywood actors have strong Google and social media footprints, but the hunky 30-year-old actor will have none of it. The British heartthrob believes there is very little learning that can be obtained from interacting particularly with a computer interface, Flaunt Magazine reported.

Though James acknowledged that he may end up looking at stuff written about him online or in magazines, the least he would want to happen is to form a perception of himself based on what others think.

A Philosophy graduate of  University of Nottingham, James would rather hang out with family and friends in places away from public scrutiny, such as art museums or his favorite pizza place or pub in London. He also likes to read books, including "A History of Loneliness" by John Boyne, that he has read to prime himself to tackle the role of a priest "The Secret Scripture."

Being right in the heart of highly anticipated film projects, both James and Egerton have found it difficult to elude media and fans' attention, online or up close and personal.

Egerton is back on Twitter sphere, and James seems fine with all the promotional coverages for his upcoming movies, including "The Divergent Series: Allegiant" that he has started filming with Shailene Woodley.

Both British actors may prefer to sign off social media now. They are, after all, part of a generation known to defy rules. However, both of them also know they will not be in the limelight forever.