•   Leroy Jethro Gibbs will come back as a totally different person in "NCIS" season 13.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs will come back as a totally different person in "NCIS" season 13. (Photo : Twitter/NCIS/CBS)

"NCIS" season 12's shocking finale went ahead to reveal agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs being shot at least twice by The Calling, a child terrorist group. The final moments of "NCIS" depicted a scene where the agent laid on the ground bleeding to death.

According to rumors, Gibbs will be back, but he will not be the same person again. His recovery will take a long time and will be much challenging. Moreover, the man known as Gibbs may return as a much more different character in "NCIS"  season 13.

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According to International Business Times, the "NCIS" crew leader will undergo psychological and psychical changes. Showrunner Gary Glasberg said, "But he goes through a really traumatic experience in this that changes him. The whole first half of the show is this emotional roller coaster ride of Gibbs' surgery and with this new character."

Before Gibbs ultimately undergoes many changes both psychologically and emotionally, his recovery will be a tough one. He will transition into consciousness and out of it regularly and then he will experience hallucinations, seeing his former colleague and mentor Mike Franks who had been killed back in "NCIS" season 8, Christian Post confirmed .

Meanwhile, "NCIS" season 13 will see old characters from season 12 coming back. Gibb's old friend from the past will come to reveal more about him. According to Glasberg, several past characters will come back in "NCIS" 13. In relation to what he said, there will be surprises in season 13 with old characters being featured again.