• ‘NCIS’ Season 13 Episode 8 Live Stream, Spoilers, Promo: What Happens When DiNozzo And Ex Jeanna Reunite, Where To Watch ‘Saviours’ Online

‘NCIS’ Season 13 Episode 8 Live Stream, Spoilers, Promo: What Happens When DiNozzo And Ex Jeanna Reunite, Where To Watch ‘Saviours’ Online (Photo : Facebook/NCIS/CBS)

The highly anticipated "NCIS" Season 13 premieres Sept. 22, 2015. Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly will reprise the role of fan-favorite characters Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Anthony DiNozzo as Episode 1 titled "Stop the Bleeding" uncovers what happened after the events of Season 12 finale. The thirteenth instalment of the CBS' police procedural drama is expected to bring some major changes and introduce some intriguing storylines. Here are few things fans can expect to see when "NCIS" Season 13 premieres.[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.]

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Gibbs' Return: The final moments of "NCIS" Season 12 finale saw Gibbs lying on the ground after being shot twice in his chest. His fate remained unclear. However, fans know that Gibbs is returning but with a massive change in him. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the showrunner Gary Glasberg talked about the opening moments of "NCIS" Season 13 and the return of Gibbs. According to Glasberg, Episode 1 "Stop the Bleeding" picks up from where Season 12 left off.

Gibbs is "rushed into surgery" and treated by Jon Cryer's Dr. Cyril Taft. The patient and the doctor establish a special bond. But fans must brace themselves for a new Gibbs. Glasberg states that the shootout affects Gibbs "emotionally and psychologically and physically." This change will reportedly impact the rest of the team as well.

"There's a tremendous amount of emotional stuff that's going to go on between our team members throughout the season," Glasberg said.

A Major Romantic Storylines: Glasberg has also confirmed that "NCIS" Season 13 will dig deeper into DiNozzo's "love life." He teased some unexpected events on that front.

"There might be some surprises for people a little further down the road into the season on that one, especially for our diehard fans," Glasberg said.

Further, "NCIS" Season 13 is also expected to delve deeper into Emily Wickersham's character Eleanor Bishop's personal life. Her work at the agency is affecting her married life and this will form a significant story arc in the upcoming instalment.  

Pauly Perrette's character Abby Sciuto's boyfriend Burt might also be returning to the show. Thus, fans can expect to see some developments in her love life as well.

Returning Characters: "NCIS" Season 13 will see the return of some old characters. Margo Harshman's Delilah is back and she will be seen living with Sean Murray's Timothy McGee.

Meanwhile, fans can also expect to see Gibbs' late co-worker Muse Watson's Mike Franks. Post his surgery, Gibbs begins to hallucinate about his mentor Franks who was killed in Season 8. Besides Mike, more people from Gibbs past will appear and interact with Gibbs.

"He's going to see some things and talk with some people that might surprise everybody. It's no surprise that Mike is there, but there are some other people from his past who he also interacts with, in some really touching scenes," Glasberg told TV Guide.

Conflicts between Tony and Gibbs: Besides change in Gibbs view of life and his job, fans can expect to see a change in Gibbs and DiNozzo's relationship. "NCIS" Season 13 spoilers suggest major tension between the two agents. The conflict between the two partners is attributed to the "changes" in Gibbs' personality post his surgery, according to TV Guide. The showrunner said that "Gibbs is in a difficult place" causing "issues that have to get worked out between team members, specifically between Tony and Gibbs."

Fall of The Calling: The terrorist organisation, The Calling is still operating and the case remains open. "NCIS" Season 13 Episode 1 "Stop the Bleeding" will see the resolve to agency's one of the biggest challenge yet. Fans know that DiNozzo takes the lead on the case.

Speaking to FOX 411, the showrunner revealed that DiNozzo will be joined by Mimi Rogers' Joanne Teague on their search for Daniel Budd and The Calling. Glasberg promises that the second half of "NCIS" Season 13 premiere will be heavy on action as DiNozzo and Teague track down Daniel Budd after months of investigation. Budd is reportedly in Shanghai wherein the rest of the Episode 1 takes place. The showrunner promises "tremendous international flavour" to the premiere segment.

"NCIS" Season 13 premieres Sept. 22, 2015 at 8:00 pm on CBS. Stay tuned for more spoilers and updates.