• Chinese tourists line up outside an overseas Hermes store.

Chinese tourists line up outside an overseas Hermes store. (Photo : WordPress)

Average consumption by shoppers from mainland China in their top 10 favorite overseas destinations is expected to surpass $1,569.

These top destinations include New York, London, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong. Further, the number could exceed 21,000 yuan among those who would go to New York.

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The spike in spending projection is assisted by a longer vacation as this year's Mid-Autumn Festival falls close to the National Day holiday in October.

Ctrip, a leading travel service provider, said that this caused a 150-percent increase in the number of tourists who booked long-distance trips during the National Day holiday compared with the same period last year.

Zhang Shuo, publicity officer with the global shopping platform under Ctrip, said that based on the overseas consumption data of the past nine years, growth rate surpassed 71 percent year-on-year.

The Market Research Report also found that about 36 percent of Chinese tourists identified shopping as their primary reason for outbound tourism.

Zhang revealed that since shopping remains one of the priorities for Chinese outbound tourists, they have tailored travel groups with shopping as the only activity.

Chen Songchuan, a Beijing University lecturer, warned that the lack of high-quality Chinese-made products is pushing Chinese to shop overseas.

Meanwhile, Barcelona is gaining popularity, and Hong Kong and South Korea, which used to be top choices, are losing Chinese mainland consumers to Japan.

These were caused by the political agitation in Hong Kong the MERS scare in South Korea.

While the markets in Hong Kong and South Korea are bouncing back, it will take time to regain their previous popularity, according to Zhang.​