• Sony PlayStation Vita

Sony PlayStation Vita (Photo : Reuters)

The handheld console market share has shrunk primarily due to the increased popularity of mobile gaming, and Sony Computer Entertainment's (SCE) Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida is also not very hopeful. In a recent Q&A session he stated that he loves the Vita portable console, but that the current business climate is not "healthy" for a Vita 2 release.

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Yoshida recently made the comments at the EGX 2015 trade fair. He shared that the company worked diligently to perfect every design aspect of the portable gaming console.

Worldwide Studios' president also noted that he is himself a big fan of PS Vita. Although the platform includes several fun games with excellent designs, the gaming experience is more complex due to the use of joysticks and buttons, according to PlayStation Lifestyle.

However, he mentioned a few big benefits of smartphone games. For example, they are very easy to play and are free, according to IGN.

Yoshida also addressed analyst Michael Pachter's prediction that console gaming would end. The former stated that such wrong industry forecasts have been made since the launch of the original PlayStation.

Sony's executive also noted that Sony Bend is developing a "cool" game. In addition, he revealed that a new Crash Bandicoot is contingent on whether Activision develops one since it owns the intellectual property.

During the past few years Sony has reduced its investment in PlayStation Vita, and currently is not developing any big-scale titles. However, it will launch an Aqua Blue model this November in the United States.

A recent report revealed that more children and teens are now playing mobile games than PC games. There are various theories for the reason.

PlayStation Vita was initially launched in Japan in December 2011.