• Microsoft Surface Pro 4 operates on Windows 10 and offers users a PC alternative device.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 operates on Windows 10 and offers users a PC alternative device. (Photo : Facebook/Microsoft)

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will launch in October. According to many reports, the upcoming tablet will come in two sizes - 14-inch and 12-inch displays. The Surface Pro 4 can help highlight important features of Windows 10.

The tech giant Microsoft highlighted various ways to multitask using Snap feature. There are more ways to multitask with Snap on Windows 10 operating system. Users can snap new Store apps and Win32 apps side by side, and they can run four apps at the same time.

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On a bigger Surface Pro 4 display, users will be able to do more with the content in every window.
Furthermore, the new Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10 allows users to capture screenshots and annotate webpages. According to Microsoft, Microsoft Edge is the only browser that allows users to doodle, write and take notes on webpages. If the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 comes with a bigger display, it will make markups easier.

Windows 10 allows users of Xbox One to stream their Xbox One games to their personal computer. If users want to play Halo, they can stream Halo over their home Wi-Fi network to their Surface Pro 4's screen, attach their Xbox controllers and play their game. Furthermore, videos and movies will be more enjoyable to view on a larger screen.

According to Christian Today, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will launch with Intel Skylake next month. Intel's Skylake processors are significantly power efficient and faster than its predecessor. Also, Intel will  offer sixth generation Core processors in four lineups: Xeon, H-series, U-series and Y-series. Gamers will appreciate the graphics performance and improved processor of Skylake.

Reports suggest that the Surface Pro 4 will compete well with HP Spectre x360, Asus Zenbook UX305 and Dell XPS 13.