• Captain America and Iron Man will clash in "Captain America: Civil War."

Captain America and Iron Man will clash in "Captain America: Civil War." (Photo : Instagram/captainamericacivilwar)

Executive producer Stan Lee has revealed his side in Joe Russo and Anthony Russo's upcoming Marvel Comics film "Captain America: Civil War."

Lee is one of the executive producers of the Russos' forthcoming "Captain America: Civil War." Recently, He told a fan at the Edmonton Comic Expo via Comicbook that first Avenger Captain America should win the Civil War, since he was the "best, pure-hearted person" in the entire world.

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With his background on the principal characters in the Russos' film, Lee's statement was not totally shocking, as per Cinema Blend. When he was starting out, he made a contribution to the Captain America series in the 1940s. Lee's passion on Captain America led him to bring the character back to life in 1964, which was more than a decade after his last appearance in the comic book.

Captain America was a product of the Super Soldier Serum, as seen in "Captain America: The First Avenger. Along with enhancing a person's strength, the serum also boosts an individual's personality traits. This entails that good becomes great and bad becomes worse. Since Steve Rogers is an upright person, the serum heightened his moral, leading him to pull his intentions from a good place.

Russos' forthcoming "Captain America: Civil War" centers on the Accords, a law regulated by the government to limit superheroes from using their powers.

Chris Evans is set to reprise his role as the star-spangled Avenger in the Russos' film, along with Hawkeye, Falcon, Agent 13, and Ant-Man. They oppose Iron Man's team, which reportedly includes Black Widow, War Machine, The Vision, and Black Panther. Spider-Man is also set to appear in the film; however, no information yet as to which side he is in.

The Russos' "Captain America: Civil War" is slated to premiere in theaters in the United States on May 6, 2016.