• Art Nova has been successfully showcasing young artists for several years.

Art Nova has been successfully showcasing young artists for several years. (Photo : Art Nova)

Art Nova 2015 will be held in Beijing next week, showcasing works of art created by young artists from China and abroad.

Around 350 domestic and foreign artists are expected to participate in the annual exhibition that has been around since 2011, powered by the increasing number of paintings, sculptures, installations and videos of fine arts students.

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Young artists have caught the eye of art agents over the past few years. Ivy Art, with funding from private art agents, and Youth Plus, with the support of government agency National Endowments for the Arts, hosted similar shows in Beijing this month.

The exhibition by Ivy Art was held at Today Art Museum in Beijing from Sept. 12-21, exhibiting more than 300 pieces by 126 artists. The show was attended by well-known artists, curators and critics.

"For young artists, it is the best and worst of times," said Fang Datong, founder of Ivy Art.

Fang explained that young artists today have enough opportunities to promote their work, as well as get lost in the art marketplace.

The demand for young artists' works is in the rise in China, according to a report co-released by Artron and Art Price in 2014. More auction houses around the world are also opening sections for emerging artists.

Hao Liang, 32 years old, is one of the young artists who sold well at auction houses, with his hand scroll "The Tale of Clouds" fetching 5.6 million yuan ($875,000) at Christie's Shanghai last fall.

The average price of works by Chinese artists under 35 is around $100,000, significantly lower than Western young artsists, who fetch around $300,000 per work.

Art Nova selects art works presented by the artists themselves and tours them within and outside China.

This year's Art Nova is set to be attended by 3,000 visitors, a great increase from the 800 visitors five years ago.