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On Jan. 8th a copy clerk named Zou, from a village in Zigong, Sichuan posted an ad online pretending to be a jewelry businessman.

The ad said he was in Shanxi doing business with a beauty product company and was in need of a model "to raise." A lingerie model by the name of Guo agreed to terms with Zou. He was to give her 60,000RMB (6,000 Euros) per month for her services.

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The next day both parties met at a hotel in Shuangliu. When Mr. Zou wanted to engage in sexual relations with Ms. Guo, he was rejected. Apparently the hotel at which they met was so shabby that she suspected the entire deal was bogus. The fantasy of being "raised" by a rich jewelry businessman was now over and she was faced with the reality that she was in a strange hotel room with a man she met on the Internet.

This was when Mr. Zou brandished a knife and stabbed Ms. Guo. After raping and robbing her, he forced her to divulge her credit card password. Despite the fact that Ms. Guo was seriously injured and in dire need of medical attention, he fled the scene. While Ms. Guo lay bleeding on the hotel room floor, he used her credit card on two occasions stealing 40,000RMB from her account.

On Dec. 11th at 8 PM Ms. Guo was discovered by an employee of the hotel and was already in a very weak state. On Dec. 19th, the police put out a warrant for the arrest of Mr. Zou. This past week Mr. Zou has been officially charged with the rape and robbery of Ms. Guo.

Doctors say Ms. Guo is in serious condition and is at risk of becoming paraplegic.