• Eminem Releases New Action-Packed 'Phenomenal' Music Video and Shows Martial Arts Skills

Eminem Releases New Action-Packed 'Phenomenal' Music Video and Shows Martial Arts Skills (Photo : EminemVEVO YouTube Channel)

Eminem has just released his new music video for "Phenomenal" and it's like watching a big budget action movie. The iconic rapper showed some mad fighting skills that will keep you hooked till the end.

According to Mlive, the song was exclusively released by Apple last July and now it's made available for everybody to see.

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If the song somewhat sounds familiar, it's because it was part of the soundtrack of Jake Gyllenhaal's movie "Southpaw."

Eminem is also the executive producer of the film's soundtrack which includes "Phenomenal" and "Kings Never Die," featuring No Doubt's Gwen Stefani.

NME reported that Eminem was originally part of the film but dropped out of it later on.

The music video started with the rapper waking up in an hospital feeling lost and dazed. He then tries to escape but in the process was stopped by armed men.

Eminem is surprised with his own martial arts skills and continues to run away from his assailants. He then finds himself in the streets of Tokyo being chased by more men.

He meets John Malcovich along the way. The actor's cameo role is very fitting for what he has always been known for in the movies--mysterious and little bit crazy.

Eminem refuses to join Malcovich and ends up stealing a car owned by Randall Park, the actor who played Kim Jong-Un in the movie "The Interview."

After showing some "Fast and Furious" driving skills, the rapper flies a helicopter before he jumps off of it when he saw a missile coming his way.

He then lands on a stage with Dr Dre making a cameo appearance saying that he's right on time. Eminem eventually finds himself on a stage where he is expected to perform.

Check out the action-packed video below!