• Alexander Calvert is playing Anarky in "Arrow" Season 4.

Alexander Calvert is playing Anarky in "Arrow" Season 4. (Photo : Twitter/@arrowenfurecido)

"Lost Boys: The Tribe" actor Alexander Calvert has joined the cast ensemble of "Arrow" Season 4.

According to Movie Pilot, Calvert is set to play the classic villain Anarky, in "Arrow" Season 4, in addition to Damien Darhk. The 25-year old actor will be portraying the character in his early to mid-20s.

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Initially introduced in the comic books in the late 1980s, Anarky is well-reognized as the adversary of the superhero Batman. While the character had several versions in the comic books, "Arrow" Season 4 is set to feature Anarky's first incarnation Lonnie Machin.

The storyline in the comic books saw Machin as a genius child who expanded his enthusiasm in radical philosophy. When he was 12-years old, he tried to enhance social conditions by beginning a rebellious campaign against the government. Overall, the character has become a socio-political icon in the Batman comics.

Anarky uses technological advancements, along with his superb intelligence level, since he was young and he lack superpowers. Some of his notable gadgets include flare guns, throwing stars. Gas and smoke bombs, and electric stun baton. In addition, he is known to wear a mask similar to the famous character Guy Fawkes. 

Meanwhile, Season 4 Episode 2 is entitled "The Candidate." According to We Got This Covered, the second episode will see Jessica Danfourth as she tells Oliver Queen and Thea Queen that she will run as mayor. Upon saying the news, Oliver and Thea became concerned, since the last three mayors have been assassinated.

Danfourth makes her announcement regardless of being warned, so the Green Arrow and Speedy make an oath to defend her. Thea starts to have effects from the Lazarus Pit while Felicity Smoak is challenged by a hard business decision and decides to ask help from one of her workers, Curtis Holt.

John Behring's "Arrow" Season 4 Episode 2 "The Candidate" is slated to hit the small screen on Oct. 14.