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Salary increases in 2014 are forecast to slightly increase from last year's 8.6 percent. In a survey published by 51job.com a human resources service company, salary increases in 2014 will be at 8.8 percent.

Respondents of the survey who are from the real estate, high technology, consumer products and manufacturing industries include 3,400 enterprises and 4,600 employees who were interviewed during the months of September to November last year. 

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According to the survey, the financial sector posted the highest salary increase at 10.4 percent. The real estate sector was second with 10.1 percent, followed by high technology sector with 9.9 percent and bio-pharmaceuticals at 9.2 percent.

According to 51jobcom chief consultant FengLijuan, the salary increases in these industries show that there is a high demand for expertise in these sectors, but there is a shortage of the right people with the right qualifications to fill the demand.  Due to this lack, stiff competition exists in these industries, Feng added.

Feng also said that highly professional workers with a high-level education like a master's degree or higher are needed in these industries. They must have specialized skills and knowledge in the field and an international viewpoint and experience. Feng said that workers with all those qualifications are hard to find. Feng added that the said industries are willing to give hefty pay checks to suitable and deserving employees.

The report also pointed out that due to the national policy to give support to the financial sector as shown in the establishment of the Shanghai FTZ and the development of local banks, the demand for expertise in the field of finance is great and that more job opportunities await those with the right skills, so it is unavoidable that salaries in that sector will rise.