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In 2011, Song Dandan, a popular Chinese skit and sitcom actress, posted a micro blog to criticize Chinese real estate magnate Pan Shiyi that his SOHO China's property "Jianwai SOHO" was too ugly in appearance.

Recently, Song Dandan and Pan Shiyi collaborated on a new Chinese TV drama series called "My son is a bizarre guy". On March 13th, at the press conference of the TV drama series, Song Dandan spoke bluntly to Pan Shiyi's face.  She said she still didn't think "Jianwai SOHO" was good-looking. As for Song Dandan's criticism, Pan Shiyi smiled and responded when he was criticized by famous actress Song Dandan publicly for the first time in 2011, he didn't fall asleep for several nights.

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In the upcoming TV drama series "My son is a bizarre guy", Pan Shiyi stars as a guest performer for just three minutes. When Pan Shiyi was interviewed, he smiled and said that Song Dandan spoke highly of his three-minute performance.

Song Dandan joked: "You are the best actor among the real estate developers, and the best real estate developer among the actors."

When talking about his first screen role, Pan Shiyi feels very well. He said it was much easier to star in a TV drama than to build a house.