• Volkswagen plans to ditch its pop stars due to financial constraints caused by the emission-scandal.

Volkswagen plans to ditch its pop stars due to financial constraints caused by the emission-scandal. (Photo : Reuters)

Volkswagen is ditching some of its celebrity endorsers after the company was involved in the emission-cheating scandal.

Volkswagen is doing this to cut down costs and cope with the biggest scandal it has ever faced in its history.

Recently, the Volkswagen's CEO, Mathias Mueller, was questioned about the billions in repairs and fines from an engine-rigging scandal. In response, he addressed around 2,000 workers at Volkswagen's main Wolfsburg factory located in Germany stating that the company will cut unnecessary investments so as to ensure there is massive savings, Sunday  Morning Herald reported.

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Muller stated that the world's biggest car maker has been spending a lot of money in the big car shows they hold annually. The parties normally feature A-class celebrities, open bars and opulent buffets.

Some of the surprise guests that used to be frequently featured in Volkswagen classic parties were the Pet Shop Boys to Robbie Williams and Justin Timberlake.

The 2015 party saw visitors enter the Volkswagen show in a cave-like tunnel of ice and fog. Some of the cars were projected on full-wall video screens, rotating continuously and circling on platforms such as a giant lily pad.

Besides the expensive parties, Volkswagen has been previously having unsuccessful projects. For instance; the Bugatti Veyron supercar and the Phaeton sedan assembled manually in a devoted hard-wood floor facility proved to be expensive projects that failed.  Also, Volkswagen has made car purchasing a memorable experience by creating a theme car-park like Centre and a science museum.

Volkswagen's eccentric culture, such the in-house sausage factory in Wolfsburg, also contributes to the large expense. Well, according to Mueller, cutting off some pop stars as well as some of the cultures will help boost its earnings and the company's progress will come at a pain, Daily Mail reported.

The upsetting news is that the Volkswagen-music connection may soon come to an end. Volkswagen's ditching of pop stars leaves Volkswagen's party enthusiasts dismayed.