• Toronto Raptors small forward Terrence Ross.

Toronto Raptors small forward Terrence Ross. (Photo : Getty Images)

If there is one area of concern about the Los Angeles Lakers' current lineup, it is their shortage at the small forward spot. Their main man Kobe Bryant is even shifting positions to accommodate the team's need and one rumor that is slowly emerging right now is the team's interest on trading for Toronto Raptors' high-flyer Terrence Ross.

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The idea of the Lakers trading for Ross was first brought out in early June of this year in a Bleacher Report article by David Murphy. The 2015 NBA Draft is yet to happen and the Lakers still have their ragtag team from last season intact.

Because of the seeming lack at the no. 3 spot even then, Murphy suggested that the Lakers could trade for the 2013 NBA Slam Dunk champion using then-Laker Jordan Hill as the trade chip as the Raptors were said to be looking for a more athletic power forward to add to their roster.

As it turned out, no trade with Toronto was made and instead Hill ended up with the Indiana Pacers while Roy Hibbert was signed by the Lakers.

With just a few weeks away from the regular season, Byron Scott still has a noticeable small forward issue as he only has Bryant, a deteriorating veteran Metta World Peace, and a rookie second-rounder Anthony Brown to rotate in the position. You can throw in the mercurial Nick Young in the mix and still it looks deficient.

Recently, an article by Brian Rauf at Chat Sports proposed that the Lakers should trade their "future first-round pick to Raptors" for Ross as the Canadian squad seems to be at a surplus at the position after acquiring DeMarre Carroll during the summer.

It would be a great benefit for the Lakers if they could pull off such a deal as Ross is only 24 and is just about entering his prime as a basketball player. He is an inside-outside threat on offense and could play defense in the wings, which is just what the doctor has ordered for the Hollywood team. Imagine Ross running the break with D'Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson and it will be a sight to behold.

However, it is highly likely that the Raptors would want more in exchange for their prized wing man if ever such a deal is pushed through. Maybe including Nick Young or Lou Williams perhaps?